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Purchasing Your First Home?

Our loan portfolio consists of programs that are designed specifically to help first time home buyers. Traditionally, FHA has been the cornerstone for first time home buyers with a traditional 3.5% down payment. In 2012, major changes to the FHA program were announced where FHA in most cases now is not the best loan program for first time home buyers.

Today, a conventional 5% down loan is now the best option for most first time home buyers. We can explain the ins and outs of FHA vs Conventional programs in greater detail via telephone.

In addition to FHA and Conventional loans we also offer VA and USDA loans specifically designed again to help first time home buyers. At times, there might be only one loan program that suits your needs and other times, there might be several. Knowing your options is a key part of what sets us apart from other lenders. All of our loans are fixed rates (unless you request an ARM) and carry no prepayment penalty.

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